Vinyl Car Wrap - Newark, Notts.
Self adhesive vinyl

3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl :

Blue (Bright)
Blue (Dark)
Chameleon (Purple to Blue)
Chameleon (Purple to Bronze)

4D Carbon Fibre Vinyl :

Chrome Silver
Dark Grey

5D Carbon Fibre Vinyl :

Black High Gloss

Chrome Vinyl (Mirror) :

Conform Chrome Silver

Chrome Vinyl (Satin) :


Gloss Vinyl :

Gloss ‘Azure Blue’
Gloss Black
Gloss ‘Ford Citrine Yellow’
Gloss ‘Kawasaki’ Green
Gloss ‘Kitty’ Pink
Gloss ‘Porsche Blue’
Gloss ‘Racing’ Red
Gloss ‘Tango’ Orange
Gloss White
Gloss Yellow

Headlamp / Rearlamp Tint Film :

Black Smoke (Dark)
Black Smoke (Medium)
Black Smoke (Matt)
Chameleon Clear
Chameleon Dark Blue
Chameleon Green
Chameleon Light Blue
Chameleon Lime Green
Chameleon Orange
Chameleon Pink
Chameleon Purple
Chameleon Red
Chameleon Yellow
Fly-Eye (Black)
Fly-Eye (Blue)
Fly-Eye (Red)
Fly-Eye (Silver)
Fly-Eye (White)
Yellow (Deep)
Yellow (Light)

Matt Vinyl :

Grey Metallic
Hot Pink
Pearlescent Blue

Patterned Vinyl :

Arctic Camoflague
Arctic Pixel Camoflague
Blue Camoflague
EuroStyle StickerBomb
Pixel Camoflague
Sahara Camoflague
SKATE StickerBomb (Black & White)
SKATE StickerBomb (Colour)
Stealth Camoflague
Urban Graffiti StickerBomb
Urban Graffiti StickerBomb (V2)

Wood Pattern Vinyl :
Dark Mahogany Wood
Deep Cherry Wood
Marble (White / Grey / Black)
Pale Maple Wood

Other Vinyl :

Brushed Aluminium
Brushed Steel
Frosted / Opaque Privacy Tint
Gloss Metallic Purple to Bronze Flip
Glow in the Dark (Green)
Paint Protection Film
Pearlescent White to Blue
Pearlescent White to Purple
Plastic Soft Top Window Tint

Tools :

Gripper Magnets


PVC / Plastic Soft Top Rear Window Smoke Tinting Film - Cabriolet Flexible Tint

Please note, at this stage we can only offer this tinting film in 30cm x 100cm lengths. We realise that this will rule out fitment to a lot of cars but we are working with the manufacturers to have a width wider than 30cm manufactured. !

A rare product unique to us - Smoked PVC tinting film for use on soft top / cabriolet rear windows. This flexible self-adhesive film will adhere to all cabriolet rear windows and flex with the original window without losing adhesion or creasing when the hood is reclined even if the window is folded during the reclining process. Applied in much the same way as glass window tinting film (ie. with water & squeegee out) but on the outside of the window instead of the inside.

Included :

* 1 x 30cm x 100cm piece of smoke flexible PVC tinting film.

Specifications :

* Smoke Flexible PVC tinting film.
* 0.30mm Thick.
* 3 x Layers (Backing, Self adhesive tint film, Protective surface film)
* Water Resistant.
* UV Stable.
* 5-6 year exterior lifespan.
* Easy removal with no glue left behind.
* Can be re-applied many times without losing adhesion.

Fitting Guide :

* Clean the rear window thoroughly with a water / washing up liquid mix to ensure it is totally free of grease. Wipe clean and dry with a lint-free cloth - Repeat this process several times to ensure all specs of dirt are removed.
* If your window is scratched or dull in appearance then products such as 'GreyGate Plastic Polish' will remove most of these marks.
* Make a paper template of the window area to be tinted.
* Cut the tinting film to the size of the template.
* Spray water mixed with the tiniest part of mild soap solution (i.e.. 500 ml of water to 1 x single drop of washing up liquid) liberally onto the outside of the rear window.
* Peel back the backing from the adhesive side of the film and spray the same solution liberally onto the adhesive.
* With the window and the tinting film now fully wet offer up the tinting film to the window, place and slide into the correct position. Working from the centre outwards gently squeegee out the water (using a credit card / similar) from between the film and the window until all water pockets / air bubbles are gone.
* Once you have squeegied out all the water remove the top protective later from the film.
* Leave for 3-4 days to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate before lowering the roof. Do not wash your car or allow it to get wet during this period.
* Done ! - The film is now fully affixed and you can now lower your roof / wash the car etc.


30cm x 100cm Smoke Soft Top Rear Window Tinting Film

OUR PRICE  £9.90



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