Vinyl Car Wrap - Newark, Notts.
Self adhesive vinyl

3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl :

Blue (Bright)
Blue (Dark)
Chameleon (Purple to Blue)
Chameleon (Purple to Bronze)

4D Carbon Fibre Vinyl :

Chrome Silver
Dark Grey

5D Carbon Fibre Vinyl :

Black High Gloss

Chrome Vinyl (Mirror) :

Conform Chrome Silver

Chrome Vinyl (Satin) :


Gloss Vinyl :

Gloss ‘Azure Blue’
Gloss Black
Gloss ‘Ford Citrine Yellow’
Gloss ‘Kawasaki’ Green
Gloss ‘Kitty’ Pink
Gloss ‘Porsche Blue’
Gloss ‘Racing’ Red
Gloss ‘Tango’ Orange
Gloss White
Gloss Yellow

Headlamp / Rearlamp Tint Film :

Black Smoke (Dark)
Black Smoke (Medium)
Black Smoke (Matt)
Chameleon Clear
Chameleon Dark Blue
Chameleon Green
Chameleon Light Blue
Chameleon Lime Green
Chameleon Orange
Chameleon Pink
Chameleon Purple
Chameleon Red
Chameleon Yellow
Fly-Eye (Black)
Fly-Eye (Blue)
Fly-Eye (Red)
Fly-Eye (Silver)
Fly-Eye (White)
Yellow (Deep)
Yellow (Light)

Matt Vinyl :

Grey Metallic
Hot Pink
Pearlescent Blue

Patterned Vinyl :

Arctic Camoflague
Arctic Pixel Camoflague
Blue Camoflague
EuroStyle StickerBomb
Pixel Camoflague
Sahara Camoflague
SKATE StickerBomb (Black & White)
SKATE StickerBomb (Colour)
Stealth Camoflague
Urban Graffiti StickerBomb
Urban Graffiti StickerBomb (V2)

Wood Pattern Vinyl :
Dark Mahogany Wood
Deep Cherry Wood
Marble (White / Grey / Black)
Pale Maple Wood

Other Vinyl :

Brushed Aluminium
Brushed Steel
Frosted / Opaque Privacy Tint
Gloss Metallic Purple to Bronze Flip
Glow in the Dark (Green)
Paint Protection Film
Pearlescent White to Blue
Pearlescent White to Purple
Plastic Soft Top Window Tint

Tools :

Gripper Magnets


Pale Maple Wood Self-Adhesive Vinyl - Wrap / Sticker / Sheet for Cupboard Doors, Worktops etc.

0.15mm, Dry Glue Technology

This film in no way resembles cheap Chinese offerings !

Wood pattern vinyl of a premium quality and manufactured in Japan. This particular shade is a perfect representation of pale maple wood showing the flowing grains with a satin surface finish. The rear face of this vinyl is self-adhesive and can very easily be formed around tight curves, dips and contours using heat from a hairdryer (or similar).

Our vinyl is waterproof so any spills can simply be wiped away without any effect to the product or item it has been adhered to. Although our wood pattern vinyl is aimed at cuboard doors / similar we have been asked in the past about how it performs when covering kitchen worktops wherby heat may be an issue. We have tested this scenario with spilt boiling water - if wiped away within 20 seconds it did not pose a problem or harm the surface of the vinyl. Placing a red hot frying pan / baking tray on a vinyl covered worktop will clearly result in issues though - If you are intending to cover a worktop with this product then please place anything that is exceedingly hot onto a place mat to disperse the heat.

Suitable for all interior projects such as resurfacing : Desks, Kitchen cupboards, Wardrobes, Worktops (see above) etc.

All our wood patterned vinyl is of the same, if not higher quality, when compared to branded products such as ‘Fablon’ yet retailing at half the price !

Specifications :

* Pale Maple Wood Vinyl
* Made in Japan.
* 0.15mm Thick.
* Dry Glue Technology.
* Water Resistant.
* UV Stable.
* Suitable for interior use.
* 12 year interior lifespan.
* Can be removed (with no glue left behind).
* Can be re-applied many times without losing adhesion.
* Easy to manipulate around tight curves with heat (hairdrier or similar)

Please select from the various sizes available below :


2 x Sheets of A4 Size

OUR PRICE  £2.95


122cm x  30cm

OUR PRICE  £4.95


122cm x  40cm

OUR PRICE  £5.95


122cm x  50cm

OUR PRICE  £6.95


122cm x  60cm

OUR PRICE  £7.95


122cm x  90cm

OUR PRICE  £9.95


122cm x  1 Meter

OUR PRICE  £16.95


122cm x  2 Meters

OUR PRICE  £28.95


122cm x  3 Meters

OUR PRICE  £33.95


122cm x  5 Meters

OUR PRICE  £39.95



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